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Zohar Laundry is the first laundromat in Jerusalem and has been around since 1952. It is named “Zohar Laundry” after the Zohar family that manages it.

Haim Zohar, The founder of the laundromat, immigrated from Persia to Israel destitute. He had to pawn his wife’s ring for bus fare In order to get to the city of Jerusalem.

After a two year apprenticeship in a laundry business owned by the Ben-Eliahu family, Haim learned the craft and opened his own laundry on 9 Strauss Street, where it stands until today.

The Zohar Laundry is a well-known Jerusalem institution. When someone says “I’m on my way to Zohar” everyone knows he means the Zohar laundry!

Today the laundry in Jerusalem is run by Yaniv Zohar, the 3rd generation. Yaniv honors his grandfather’s dedication and passion, and manages the laundry with great professionalism and love for the trend.

The goal of our laundry is to lead in the quality of service in Jerusalem, and give our customers more.

I would be happy to assist you personally –

Yaniv Zohar

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