Duvet – a cleaning challenge Cleaning a real duvet blanket – only with the pros! The quality of the duvets is measured in their ability to maintain warmth over time. The higher the quality of the filling – the better it preserves the heat. Over time and usage, the blanket’s ability to preserve heat is reduced. Our job at Zohar Laundry in Jerusalem, is to restore the efficiency of the blanket to its original state. During the cleaning process we clean and refresh the feathers, remove stains from the cover, and of course perfume the blanket. In addition to duvet cleaning we specialize in cleaning Woolen blankets and blanket with synthetic fillers Blankets with synthetic fillings undergo thorough cleaning with special detergents fit for fillings. Woolen blankets undergo delicate dry cleaning. Our goal at Zohar Laundry in Jerusalem, is to return your blanket as clean and new as the day you bought it. To order a delivery in Jerusalem please contact the service representative at 02-5384217 or 052-4411115

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