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I am a tourist and I would like to ask …..

"I am visiting Israel and have a wash why should I call " zohar cleaners?

we are much cheaper and more professional , if you give it to your hotel they will charge you 10 time more our price is decent

how can I trust your laundry ? I have very expensive cloth

we clean cloth since 1940 … and you are more then welcome to read at ” google map ” what our customers wrote about us, and we do specialize with tourist service

what is the best way to contect your laundry?

we have 3 option , email , tel , and whatup ( 24-7), we do recommend to use the whatup in our website , when we have your whatup we will send you a confirmation that your laundry was picked up even we will send you the time of the delivery and you can contect us very easily , just click on the whatup icon in our web site and enjoy high level service

do you have same day service?

yes we do

where should I meet you?

you don’t need to wait for us simply put it by the hotel lobby and we shall pick it up and drop it off

how can I know how much my laundry weight ? your price is by the kilo /pound?

yes our price is by the pound / kilo , and we will weight your laundry here and tell you how much it was

what about dry cleaning?

we also do dry cleaning

what can you do if my cloth are not dryable?

you have to inform us before and in our laundry we have a dryer that fits itself to the cloth

last question how do I pay?

Regarding payment The service costs 150 NIS for regular laundry, you can give up to 11 kilos (22 pounds )
Each additional kilo (2 pounds) costs 13 shekels
Express service costs an additional 50 percent of the final bill
Payment is made in cash and in advance, the guest must insert an envelope with the payment into his laundry bag

general questions

how do you decide how to clean my cloth?

we look for the Cleaning instructions on the Cleaning label

why should I give my cloth to a laundry and not do it by myself?

the machine and our soap are professional made , and you cant buy them at your supermarket , we also use chemical that are Not allowed to use at home, our Water composition is different then at home , we have Water softening . dry cleaning as well…. And our experience talks ….

can you remove all the stains?

a professional laundry can remove upto 90 Percent of stains, we do have problems to remove stains that were washed at home Incorrectly

what is it " dry cleaning?

a way to clean cloth with chemical instead of using water , the advantage of using dry cleaning : your cloth doesn’t get shrink, we are able to take out oily stains and it refresh your garment

Pick up and delivery

is the delivery free?

yes , however we have a minimum order that has to do with your location

should I wait for your delivery gay?

no … leave your drycleaning&wash outside your door we shall pick it up

how can I pay you?

( you can call with your credit card no. ( only isreali credit card

I want to know the price in Advance how do I do it?

simply … send us a picture in the whatup and we will send you send as soon as possible the quotation

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